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1 – Average Circulated Mercury Dime Circulated

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A Lot More About Mercury Dimes

With the growing demand for silver to increase in the next few years, the value of silver is expected to rise over time.

Now is the time to get your hands on some of this silver.

Silver is a great investment.

Which should not be overlooked.

Silver is a solid investment, and it’s value may soon rise to thirty dollars an ounce.

In the next few years.

So get some and hold onto it.

Maybe a little history?

More on Mercury Dimes

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Or we can learn more about them.

Of course, everybody knows the 1916-D Mercury Dime is the lowest mintage of this series with only 264,000 minted total and these sell in the thousands.

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Also,andand, andare semi scare coins and are worth a little more.

By far the most sought after coin from this series is thecoin, and these are worth way more than any other coin from the Mercury series of silver coins.

If you want a price guide, well click on price guide.

If you want to learn a little about mercury dimes and maybe have a laugh, go to the about mercury dimes page.

People who buy mercury dimes sometimes may buy them by thein a big bag or something. Wow, like a huge amount of mercury dimes all at once.

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Buy Mercury Dimes by Grade:

Certified Mercury Dimes
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A Little History

Also, did you know that mercury dimes are actually named for the Greek God Mercury, who the coin bears resemblance to?

Meanwhile, it is actually called the winged victory dime. The model the coin was designed around was Wallace Stevens’ wife, Eliose Stevens. Wallace Stevens was a poet and lawyer at that time.

The wings were used by Adolph Weinmann, the coin’s designer, on the model to represent “liberty of thought.”

If you want to read more about Mercury Dime History read this article on

The large range of values on the more valuable strike years are due to the grade of the individual coin.

Each mercury dime contains nearly 1/10 of an ounce of silver. Silver 24hr price chart

Uncirculated Dimes are worth way more.

Coin collectors who buy mercury dimes online usually seek the uncirculated condition coins.

Some people who buy mercury dimes online just want the silver content in average circulated coins.

Here is a photo of a Circulated Mercury Dime

Here is a photo of an uncirculated mercury dime

Buy Mercury Dimes Online Cheap

Go to the top of the page here: Buy Mercuries

If you want the best deal, you may have to surf around on ebay and find people selling these coins for cheap.

Other people just buy from coin dealers (coin dealer locator here)

Some people buy from Amazon: Mercury Dimes for Sale on Amazon

Some People want to buy them By Grade.

Probably the best deals you are going to get are on ebay, if you just keep looking, you will find a good Deal.

Apmex sells them too, I guess.

I am just naming some brands where you can find a good deal on silver before it all goes up through the roof.

Some of the circulated condition coins sell for as little as a dollar by some buyers.

Other times, average circulated condition coins can fetch up to three dollars.

It’s all about what people are willing to pay.

And the current value of silver.

More on how to buy mercury dimes

Buy them now while supplies last.

And while they are selling for cheap and the value of silver is low.

Now is the best time to buy mercury dimesonline, even if you are only buying them for their silver content.

If every house in the US bought like ten or so ounces of Silver, then the value of silver would skyrocket.

And let me tell you, people are buying it up like crazy these days when the value is so low.

Heck, even the value of Mercury Dimes are going up on the daily.

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Anyways, you have to have special permissions to sell coins and collectibles on Amazon nowadays.

Not just any old seller can sell these coins for like twice their value or more with shipping costs.

That’s why I sell my coins with free shipping Here.

Why Should I buy Mercury Dimes Online?

Buying mercury dimes is a great way to get your hands on some silver, a tangible investment that may be sold at any time.

It is a semi-liquid asset. The prices of Silver are volatile, and may rise tremendously in coming years with the demand for silver coming from collectors, industries, and technological products.

When you buy silver Mercury Dimes, not only are you getting the silver content, but you are also getting a collectible peice of history that has it’s own inherent value depending on the condition, strike, strike location, and year of the coin.

This is called the numismatic value.

The numismatic value can influence how much value you can get for individual coins. Each coin has a unique value depending on those aforementioned qualities of the coin.

People will always pay more for coins in uncirculated condition or fine or better.

So when you buy Mercury Dimes Online, look for coins in better condition to purchase.

So, if you want to buy mercury dimes, you must also eventually know how to sell them, and using the value of each individual coin according to it’s own inherent qualities can get you more money for your coins.

So try to get uncirculated ones or at least ones in better condition if you can for a good price.

Or just get all the silver you can while it’s price is low.

Just think about it, the world’s population is expected to double in the next twenty or so years, and all of those people are going to need electronics that use silver, the demand will keep growing and prices will continue to rise in the future.

So, like I said, you may just want to get your hands on some silver while it’s still affordable.

Other Types of Dimes

And if you like this site, and you like dimes then be sure to check out my Barber Dimes Site.

Barber dimes were used before the Mercury Dimes, and thetook over with silver in the dimes up until 1964, and they still make Roosevelt dimes today.

Mercury dimes range in the years 1916-1945, then it was Roosevelt, and before Mercury Dimes were the Barber Dimes.

Aesthetic Beauty of Mercury Dimes

Mercury dimes are just simply pleasant to look at, and they remind you of a different time of our country’s history. These coins will continue to be sought after by collectors and silver buyers alike over time. Thus, their value will continue to rise.

They are beautiful coins, and beautifully designed.

“The reverse depicts a fasces, the object carried by lictors, who accompanied Roman magistrates; on the coin it represents war and justice. It is contrasted with a large olive branch symbolizing peace.” -Wiki

War and Peace was a huge issue back then. World War One was going on when these coins were first struck in 1916. World War One was July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918. World war two wasn’t until 1939, and these coins were not produced after 1935.

Anyways they truly are remarkably designed coins, and their beauty lingers onward into the present with every single coin that is out there today.

We appreciate all of the collectors and enthusiasts of these coins. Their respect and admiration for these coins are what continue to help make these an exceptional type of silver coin to collect.

More Information

There is much more information in some of the links I have provided and some of them link you to places where you can buy mercury dimes, like the 1916-D a link I have also placed to those in the navigation bar at the top.

Did you know the reason for the low mintage in Denver in 1916?

The mint superintendents in Denver were instructed to stop production on the dimes in 1916 and only make quarters for the rest of the year and well into 1917. That is why the 1917-D is also more valuable than many other dates.


I hope you have enjoyed yourself perusing this page.

I have tried to provide you with as much information and resources online for mercury dimes and collecting them.

I have tried to provide places to make affordable purchases on mercury dimes as well.

Ebay is a great place for buying coins and I suggest you check out my auctions on ebay at the top of the page for a good deal.

Well, thanks for stopping by and we hope you have your experience on this page of this site.

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